Reader, I Married Him

In 2017, I walked out of my job of 3 years, walked into a new one, got engaged, spent a week in the Caribbean, got married and then honeymooned in Berlin.

So yep, pretty big year here in North Wales.

Seeing as this is a blog about the Most Sublime Things, I think it’s time to introduce you to my Most Sublime Husband, Mike.

IMG_8357My best friend of 7 years took me to one of my favourite places on Anglesey, went down one one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life to him while a stranger’s unrestrained spaniel ran laps around us. How could I possibly say no?!

We met while I was still in University, he was coaching the American Football team and I was the Gameday Manager. We became friends instantly and I don’t think a single day passed that we didn’t talk to each other – we never ran out of things to talk about and we both love, hate and snark about the same things.

The best thing about marrying your best friend is that the wedding planning is insanely easy – we both share the same tastes in most things so it didn’t take long for the words ‘Gretna Green’ to be thrown around.

For those of you who don’t know the history of Gretna Green, it’s a tiny village on the Scotland-England border. Back in the day (18th Century), you had couldn’t marry without your parents’ consent until you were over the age of 21 in England so couples would do a runner up to the border where the more relaxed Scottish laws would allow them to get hitched. Blacksmiths were licensed to perform handfasting ceremonies, so a quick jaunt to the nearest anvil and BLAMMO – you’re married.
In this day and age, Gretna Green is a brilliant option if you’re looking for an intimate service – we grabbed our nearest and dearest then headed to the border. For a veritable wedding factory, the staff there make you feel like you’re the first people in the world to visit and that your wedding is the most special and unique they’ve ever seen (to be fair, this may have had something to do with my 6ft something, bearded, rugby playing maid of honour, Tommy.). The entire set up was romantic, cosy and, best of all, allowed us to bring the dogs along.

best friend

Marriage wasn’t really something I’d ever considered, so it follows that I had never considered a wedding either – this day, planned mostly by Mike, my now-husband, was perfect. We were married within 10 minutes, I laughed my way through the vows when he started pulling faces at me, then the blacksmith himself performed the handfasting ceremony (this includes smashing a hammer down on the anvil an inch away from our hands. Mike may or may not have shat himself at this point) and gave us a teeny tiny anvil as a keepsake.

Then it was a drive back to Chester to our very favourite bar/restaurant where we were treated like royalty.

Marrying my best friend is the best decision I’ve ever made. This is the man that can make me laugh (during solemn marital vows), help me make hard decisions (like quitting a job that was destroying me), he believes in me and reminds me I’m a worthwhile human being, goes on adventures with me and leaves me the hell alone when I need time to read. We have plenty of shared interests but also have our own things going on so we always have new things to share – I brought Rick and Morty to the table, he introduced me to Skyrim. We both have exquisite taste.

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My reason for writing this post is that this blog is a huge part of my life and he’s never been formally introduced so I felt it was about time I remedied that situation! While I’m not reading or reviewing, I’m enjoying life and adventures with Mike.



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