The Most Sublime Internet Nonsense

I am a sucker for internet nonsense – the weird, totally harmless hobbies that people film and share online only to find that there are other people out there who love what they do.

This has been a Most Sublime household pastime for ages now, we watch one YouTube video a night to help unwind but I will admit that Mike is responsible for finding all the best ones so I dedicate this post to him:

Marble Soccer World Cup – Fubeca’s Marble Runs

I’m not a football fan in any sense of the word but THIS I can get behind!

Fubeca’s Marble Runs does loads of stuff – Grand Prix, UFC fighting, track challenges, basketball etc. There’s loads of content to keep you busy and it’s fun, kid friendly and weirdly addictive.

3D Bot Maker

This is one of my all time favourites – competitors send in their diecast cars to be entered into the races.

Sure, in reality they’re toy cars going being pulled along by gravity along a plastic track but once the fake engine noises have been added and the super-pro commentary has been added, you find yourself getting emotionally invested when the Mini Cooper flips off the track and lands in the crowd.

You can check out their full channel listings here

Tiny Kitchen

You may have guessed that this one is more of my cup of tea than my sports fan slice of hotness and you would be right.

It’s a tiny kitchen, using tiny utensils, creating tiny REAL meals. I can’t express the amount of delight this brings me.

You can check out the full channel here.

Airforceproud95 Flight Simulator

This one can be therapeutically dull sometimes if you’re not interested in aircrafts but some of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen on YouTube have been on this channel.

Airforceproud95 remains in character as either flight control or a pilot at all times on a game played by a mix of people who take it completely seriously and those who…. don’t. It’s glorious.

Check out the full channel here

Patrick Stewart reading the Sonnets of Shakespeare

He’ll be adding a new reading every day so this is something I’m really looking forward to!

Any recommendations of fun and wholesome YouTube channels to add?

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