Proving I Can Be Romantic: Garlic Bread and International Space Stations

I’m lucky enough to have married my best friend – we’ve travelled all over the world together, shared a love of contact sports (him hitting things, me enjoying watch him hit things), made a home together, adopted two ridiculous cats who we couldn’t love more and he’s supported me through some real clusterfucks in the last few years.

We’re a pretty unlikely pairing – he’s the eternal optimist with huge plans for making the world a better place through ambitious planning, hard work and sheer force of will (which always seems to work out so advising caution is totally pointless). He’s one of those insufferable people who makes a room brighter by being in it and makes you WANT to be a better person. Urgh.
I’m more of a sarcastic gremlin who likes to do things behind the scenes, ideally without anyone notice in case I have to ‘people’.

Normally, as a sarcastic gremlin, I’m about as romantic as a dish sponge but this year I feel the need to make an effort and compensate for being very little fun in the last few weeks.
I never do cards because then you have a piece of cardboard in your house that you feel oddly guilty about binning further down the line, so I have come up with a plan to make this evening special.

Game: The Room 3

I’ve played the first two games in this series so I  already know it comes in stages so we’re not obliged to play it for days on end and can easily reach a stopping point if it turns out I’ve picked a dud (or something that makes our brains explode like Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture).

Available in the Android and Itunes stores as well as Steam and Amazon App Store

A Museum Exhibition

Though after seeing the film Gravity, we both made a solemn vow to never, ever go to space (not even once), Mike remains a die hard space fan.

So, in honour of that – we’ll be ‘visiting’ the  Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum this evening. Google has done a collection of amazing streetview collaborations with museums and art galleries, so it’s well worth checking out if you’re looking for some education escapism.

Google Street View

Garlic Bread

I’ll be cooking up one of our favourite meals tonight but does anything else say ‘I love you’ as much as garlic bread?

No. It does not.

So there we go – those are my smoothest moves, right there. It’s not a far cry from my Valentines tradition of watching slasher horror flicks and drinking Disaronno and Coke from my polka dot teapot, but it’s so much friendlier with two.

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