Audiobook and Proofreading Services

Friendly and professional audiobook services.


Having an extra pair of trained eyes and ears on your audio project can pick up on the things that you’re too close to catch – adding to the overall quality of your finished product. Rates are calculated per finished hour of audio.

As a prooflistener, I:

  • Listen along with the original text to make sure there’s no deviation from the script

  • Keep track of character voices/accents to ensure consistency (I specialise in British accents)

  • Note any disruptive sounds; ambient noise, clicks, breaths, microphone issues etc.

  • Collate all my notes in an easy to read format on Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet

“Nia is an absolute pleasure and a joy to work with. Her attention to detail is top notch and always expressed clearly and efficiently on a well documented spreadsheet. She is professional yet personable and creates a great working relationship!”

Diana Croft (audiobook narrator)

“Nia is absolutely fantastic! She listens with heart and so much knowledge! I have used her for proof listening and accent checker for two novels I have narrated with USA Today Bestselling Author, Chasity Bowlin and her Dark Regency Series.  Not only have I used her talents in this way, I have used her as a beta reader and editor for my Southern Haunting Series I have written. Her feedback has had me writing some of my favorite scenes that would not have existed without her. Her level of professionalism is top notch and I can not recommend her enough. You hire her and you will have your project elevated to a level you did not know you could achieve.

Lillian Yves/LeeAnne Hansen (pen name)

Manuscript preparation

If you don’t have time to read and dissect a book between narration projects, this is something you need. Rates are calculated per 10k words.

This involves:

  • Summarising the full book

  •  Highlighting dialogue (colour according to character) and unusual words

  • Creating character profiles for main characters and noting voice descriptions

  • Breaking down each chapter with a summary and list of speaking characters

  • Providing you with a marked up manuscript, word document with collated summaries, character profiles and helpful information, and a pronunciation guide if required

Mike Carnes, audiobook narrator

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