About Most Sublime

The Most Sublime blog idea was born in early 2015 and was inspired by this picture.


Fflei, my beautiful tri-colour collie, wouldn’t settle and let me read my book in peace so I decided to read to her – it turns out that Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables has the ability to send any sentient being to sleep. Who knew.

I live in North Wales with my dashing beefcake of a husband and cats (also dashing, less beefy).

Since its conception, this website has been dedicated to helping authors and narrators promote their books – usually through reviews but with the odd blog tour and guest spot thrown in.

After meeting so many wonderful people in the book community, I’ve now made the leap to playing my own part in the publishing industry and offer my services as a qualified proofreader, prooflistener and manuscript prepper. As someone still new to the business, I rely on recommendations – please feel free to shamelessly name drop if you know anyone needing these services!

Self publishing in particular is intimidating and my aim is to make at least one step of the journey as painless as possible.

Most titles reviewed on this website are complimentary review copies – all reviews contain my own unbiased opinions.


In Memoriam: Fflei 16/11/2011 – 06/01/2021