Review: The Forever Year by Bill Fuller


Published by Perkinswood Press

5 stars


The epic love story you never knew…
The Roaring Twenties: Pool rooms, dance halls, speakeasies. A legendary football hero whose devil-may-care charm belies a tortured soul. A beautiful girl who strains at the bonds imposed by a straitlaced father.

Meet George Gipp and Iris Trippeer, whose love burned brighter than a comet in a pitch-black sky, only to be cut short by a tragedy that rocked the nation. Weaving fact and fiction, The Forever Year follows the star-crossed lovers from breathless first meeting to deathbed promise, framed by the perspective of an older, wiser Iris looking back on the love of her life and resolving to put some painful unfinished business to rest at last.

The Forever Year is inspired by the heartbreaking true story of how one headstrong girl claimed the heart of an American icon.




**Thank you to the author for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


I don’t think I’ve ever sobbed so much at the end of a book. I’m talking gross, I-need-tissues-and-an-icepack type crying here.

Seeing as the book is based on a true story and the synopsis tells us as much, I don’t mind saying that George dies prematurely and leaves the love of his life behind. Hence the gross sobbing.

I like to think that Fuller has done both Iris and George justice in his portrayal of them, he has made them both vibrant and charming characters who instantly won my heart. They were both fearless and bold individuals who should have been together from the start but as always, circumstance conspired against them.

George Gipp was a Notre Dame football legend, fans still wear ‘One More for the Gipper’ t-shirts to games today. He was a natural talent when it came to sports and his charisma drew people to him but he was a troubled man, it seemed that only the love of the equally charismatic Iris Trippeer could make him walk the straight and narrow but his untimely death meant that they could never spend their best years together (sob).


This story fills in some of the gaps in the known history of these two people and creates something utterly beautiful, but it also adds some historical flavour such as the obstacles Iris would have faced as a woman in the 20s – the cultural expectations to marry a man who can provide for her, her role in the home and how to date someone with a reputation of rougishness while keeping her own reputation intact.

Bill Fuller is an exceptional writer, he seamlessly brought together fact and fiction in this book to the point that it came as a surprise to me to discover that is was based on a true story when I came to the end – it didn’t have any of the usual dry fact-dumps that give it away. He brought the characters to life with the utmost respect and has now converted me to the romance genre, something I didn’t think possible.

Just wow.




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