Review: Sister, Sister by Sue Fortin


Published by HarperImpulse

3 stars


From the bestselling author of The Girl Who Lied

Alice: Beautiful, kind, manipulative, liar.

Clare: Intelligent, loyal, paranoid, jealous.

Clare thinks Alice is a manipulative liar who is trying to steal her life.
Alice thinks Claire is jealous of her long-lost return and place in their family.

One of them is telling the truth. The other is a maniac.
Two sisters. One truth.



**Thank you to NetGalley for a complimentary copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**

At some point I’m going to have to admit to myself that I’ve watched too much TV and read too many books to be easily surprised, even by the most suspenseful and well written thrillers (this book is worthy of those accreditations).

Sue Fortin is a talented suspense writer, setting the scene powerfully from the start when Clare is stuck in a hospital bed after some kind of accident, we don’t know the details but we know she’s in some way responsible.
After this description, we’re thrown back a few weeks to a time just before Clare is reunited with her long-lost sister. We know that Alice grew up in America after their father took her away 20 years ago, leaving Clare and her mother behind in the UK. They’ve been searching for Alice the whole time and are delighted when she makes contact.

Alice ingratiates herself into the family immediately and Clare’s hackles are up- but the book explores whether Alice is up to something nefarious or if Clare is losing her mind under the shock of family having her family back together again after so long. One thing’s for sure –all is not what it seems.


Clare wasn’t a particularly likable protagonist, she’s spectacularly selfish and doesn’t spare much thought for the people closest to her. She’s incredibly petty, you get a feeling that she’s smug about being the main breadwinner for her family but also, she gets a kick out of her children making a fuss over her, at the expense of her husband’s feelings.
I can’t help but think that everyone is so quick to believe that Clare is either losing her mind or just acting like a bitch for no reason, that there must be some kind of track record of shitty behaviour on her part.
This was the bit that I struggled to suspend my disbelief with, the only thing that stood between me and 100% enjoyment of this book – I’m too cynical for my own good!

If you’re a fan of thrillers and suspense, particularly from a domestic view (rather than police, spies and secret agents) then I would recommend you pick this book up. It’s so well written that you’ll struggle to put it down!

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