Review: Collected Halloween Horror Shorts: Trick ‘r Treat, Collected by Kevin J. Kennedy



If you love horror, Halloween is probably your favourite time of the year. Well… It’s ours, too.

A mixture of authors from Collected Christmas Horror Shorts and Collected Easter Horror Shorts have come back together, and invited a few friends, to make this Halloween an extra special one.

Lock your door, dim your lights, add some pumpkin spice to whatever you are drinking and light your jack-o’-lanterns. This will be a Halloween you will never forget.

Table of Contents

John R. Little – The Halloween Phantoms
Lisa Morton – Pumpkin Rex
Richard Chizmar – Mister Parker
Christopher Motz – The Halloween Playground
Kevin J. Kennedy – Halloweenland
Mark Cassell – A Story of Amber
Peter Oliver Wonder – Dressed For Success
Christina Bergling – Black Widow
Stuart Keane – Hollowed Be Thy
Andrew Lennon – Girlfriend
Briana Robertson – Trick Turned Treat
James Matthew Byers – Jenny Greenteeth
J.C. Michael – The First Shot
Mark Lukens – The Coffin Man
Suzanne Fox – The Devils Fruit
Steven Stacy – Don’t Fear the Reaper

This is a delightfully creepy collection of short stories, which I conveniently got to read over Halloween then totally forget to review until just now (there were reasons, trust me. I’ll post about those very soon).

What I do remember clearly about this collection was that I was home alone and reading in bed, before I had to concede that I should probably read something a little less terrifying if I wanted to sleep without any fucked up dreams. Granted, I kept right on reading and then had fucked up dreams… but at least I saw it coming about 2 stories in.

A lot of these stories follow familiar campfire style tropes, which is just fine with me – there was just enough of a spin on them  to make them original (apart from the Halloween rip off which was just a rip off).

I can’t say that all of the stories in this collection were winners for me, but the majority really were so I consider the book well worth a read. There’s a combination of supernatural and just human horror stories here, so something for every taste as long as you like to have the crap scared out of you!


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