Slashvivor! by Stephen Kozeniewski and Stevie Kopas


Published by Sinister Grin Press

5 stars


Try Not to Die

TV-XXX (Salty language, Sexual innuendo, Vomit-inducing ultraviolence)

TBA. Pirate transmission.

North America’s number one reality television show returns with instant fan favorite Dawn Churchill, a plucky, hometown girl from the irradiated ruins of the former United States. Will she survive the night in the electrified, booby-trapped arena or will one of the serial killers pitted against her come out on top?

Returning slashers include evil animatronic Abraham Lincoln, eight-year-old “Daughter of the Devil” Abadonna, and all-time undefeated champion Denney the Killer Clown. (Plus surprise appearances by mad surgeon Doctor Feelbad, silver-tongued “Charming” Charlie Whitmore, and steel-clawed firebrand Razortooth.)

A night of chills, thrills, and endless buckets of blood. A must-see for Dawn’s innovative use of a shotgun alone. Fun for the whole family!

Host: Mark Winters
Producers: Marisol Martinez, Amy Green, Jacob Graves, Derron James

Wow. This book was a realisation of all of my goriest dreams in one go. It captured some of my favourite concepts from other books and films, it’s like a tribute to them all without stealing from them. I got a hint of Hunger Games, a dash of Planet Terror, a lashing of Suicide Squad (good concept, terrible film) and a hat off to all things 80s apocalyptic cinema.

For some reason, I wasn’t sure what to expect knowing that there were two authors – if I thought there would be some kind of conflict of ideas and writing styles, I needn’t have worried, this was totally seamless and more fucked up and wondrous than a single human being could have come up with on their own.

This book is so gory there were moments where even I wondered if I’d reached my limits (it’s fine, I totally hadn’t. Given how much I enjoyed this book, I’m not convinced I have any limits now), there’s blood, entrails and dismemberment at every turn but it manages to be both horrifying and entertaining.

Dawn lives in the wasteland that is North America following the nuclear apocalypse, as if that wasn’t bad enough she is chosen to participate in the TV gameshow ‘Try Not To Die’. Where she and other selected unfortunates are dumped in an arena and put up against seasoned killers called Slashers.

It’s not all mindless violence though, there’s a very compelling and suspenseful storyline running through all the carnage and that’s why I always come back for more. If you, like me, love your horror messy and with just a few off-colour puns – just read this book and cherish it always. If that’s not reason enough…. just look at that cover!


“Where’d you get your proctology degree?” Dawn asked. “Brown,” Raze giggled.

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