Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: My Gift To Myself


For your information: I am Welsh. Among other wonderful things (speaking Welsh, scaring tall people and enjoying rugby as a national pasttime), this means that my national flag has a dragon on it. That’s right… a f*ing dragon. I think Wales and Bhutan are the only countries that hold that particular honour.

Also for your information: ‘Cymru’ is Welsh for ‘Wales’.

After seeing this bookfold design on Facebook, I knew I had to have one. The page I saw it on was called Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover , run in North Wales by a lady called Natalie. She does all the work herself and gives it a really personal touch that shows in the final product.

I feel like book folding is a contentious issue for hardcore book lovers – seeing as people have such strong feelings about dog ear-ing pages, I can only imagine what some people think of this.

I personally love it, especially when I realised that Natalie has used a copy of Breaking Dawn for my fold. It wasn’t so long ago that charity shops were putting out the message that they just couldn’t take any more Twilight, Fifty Shades or Da Vinci Code books – seeing them being recycled like this is beautiful.

This is the first in what I know is going to be a gorgeous and probably extensive collection.IMG_1380

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