Audiobook: 1888 – The Ripper File by Lora Edwards, narrated by Corinne Davies


3 stars


“Welcome to Jack the Ripper 101. My name is Dr. Teagan Faelynn. I know the true identity of history’s most notorious serial killer – because he came for me.”

The discovery of a new Ripper journal sends Teagan on a journey to London… or so she thinks. But she finds herself plunged into a hidden world of witches, fairies, dragons and Valkyries – and that’s just her friends.

How can Teagan hunt the Ripper and bring him to justice? In the modern world, or in a secret Victorian England where nothing is as it seems? 

Join the Paranormal Institute for Research and Rescue. 

And travel back in time to solve a centuries-old mystery – if you survive…


This book contained some of my favourite supernatural elements and packed them up in a way I’ve never seen before – I’m always one for trying something new but on this occasion it didn’t really do it for me. It turns out that I’m not a huge fan of time travel novels as a rule (there are exceptions), and that features quite heavily in this novel.

The synopsis doesn’t give much away, so I’ll skirt around the finer points – Teagan is in her early twenties when she finds out there’s far more to this world than she thought. She’s a University lecturer and specialises in the Ripper murders (I think she’s 23 in this book, the fact that she has a teaching position in a University bugged me way more than it should. Three cheers for being  a massive pedant), this interest comes in handy when she’s recruited to go back in time and investigate the crimes.

The mystery and suspense parts of this novel were brilliant, I’m a sucker for Ripper fiction myself and I enjoyed the spin the author put on the murders. It was the other elements of the story that I didn’t really enjoy, such as the romance between Taegan and Bran which was squished in at the end and involved a lot of smouldering and intense staring in the lead up to it.

Taegan spends a lot of her time stamping her feet and telling everyone that she’s capable of taking care of herself, before being massively incapable and needing rescuing. Thankfully her best friend Ovidia is a badass, so she’s not just being rescued by men all the time…

Corinne Davies was a brilliant voice for Taegan, her narration from Taegan’s point of view was excellent. Many of the characters in this book have different British accents, some  of which weren’t her strong point – Irish and Scottish were surprisingly good (I appreciate how hard they are to do) but the different English characters did meld into one when they were conversing. I’m a firm believer in ‘less is more’ when it comes to tricky accents.

This is going to be a brilliant series for fans of history and mythological/fairytale creatures, with some romance and intrigue thrown in.

“This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.”

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