Lydie, The Lost Path and Black Comix Returns

Lydie by Jordi Lafebre & Zidrou


Published by Europe Comics

On a forgotten cul-de-sac in a nameless city, a child is born. It doesn’t take long for the charming little girl to work her way into the hearts of all the residents on this cozy little street. Does it really matter that she’s invisible? The child’s mother delivered a stillborn, fatherless baby. Two months later, she becomes convinced that her child has returned from heaven. The neighbors don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise, and so they play along. After all, “why bring somebody pain when it’s so easy to bring joy instead?” …But is Lydie really a figment?


This is a lovely and whimsical story about communities and the kindness they can show each other. We never do find out whether or not Lydie is real or just a fabrication supported by the entire local community.

The art uses muted colours, which suit the story perfectly, and the drawings themselves are gorgeous. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker but ultimately a beautiful story.

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a child in any capacity will understand this story and how their lives carry on in your imagination.

The Lost Path by Amélie Fléchais

Release Date 10th April 2018

Three young boys set off from Camp Happiness, map

Published by Lion Forge Comi

in hand, determined to be the first to find the treasure before anyone else. But the shortcut they take leads to something far more spectacular and sinister! All manner of magical beasties live in these woods, and the kids find themselves caught between warring Forest Spirits. Will the three boys find their way out of trouble? Get your map and ready, set, go! Amélie Fléchais’s incredible artwork combines the best of French illustration with manga influences. A spooky new fairytale, for fans of Over the Garden Wall.


I’m afraid to say that this graphic novel didn’t live up to the high expectations I had after reading the author/illustrators ‘The Little Red Wolf’

The illustrations flipped back and forth between Flechais’ beautiful and distinctive watercolour style and black and white manga style, of which I’m not a fan. It might be a bit unfashionable to not like black and white illustration but hey, I like what I like.

The story itself wasn’t all that fun, especially after the cute and enjoyable story of The Little Red Wolf. This is a story of 3 little boys lost in the woods, who meet all manner of bizarre animals and forest critters – this felt more like an exercise in illustration rather than storytelling.

Black Comix Returns by John Jennings & Damian Duffy

Published by Lion Forge Comics

Eisner-winning writer/artist/scholar JOHN JENNINGS (The Blacker the Ink) and Glyph Award-winning writer DAMIAN DUFFY (The Hole, Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred) follow up their highly respected (and out of print) 2010 artbook BLACK COMIX with an all new collection of art and essays celebrating African American Independent Comics Art & Culture. Featuring over 40 of the best writers and illustrators in the industry, this massive volume will be a brand new milestone spotlight on the amazing diversity in comics today. Artists include RON WIMBERLY, SANFORD GREENE, DAVID WALKER, ED PISKOR, AFUA RICHARDSON, ASHLEY A. WOODS, VALENTINE DELANDRO, KHARY RANDOLF, CHASE CONLEY, ROBERT LOVE, JEREMY LOVE, SHAWNA MILLS, JIMMIE ROBINSON, KIETH KNIGHT, RICHIE POPE, and many more!

This book is like a directory for the best diverse artists and illustrators, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for, truth be told.

When you’re just starting to get into comics and graphic novels, it’s hard to know where to start. I know that I have definite preferences when it comes to artistic styles, so  having a book that gives you a 4 page spread and a paragraph of introduction to different artists is the best thing ever!

As a result, I now have a handy dandy list of artists whose work I’ll be pursuing and a little glow that I’d already read some of them so I’m not a 100% newbie to the world of comics any more! Just 99%.

My favourite of all of them was Arie Monroe, whose Patreon and artwork can be found here.


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