Free on Amazon: Behind the Red Curtain by Casey Bartsch

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Amazon US

Lucy’s life wasn’t amazing, but now she has been stolen from it. Trapped in a place she can barely understand, by a man obsessed.

Her captor has created a twisted home that only he can navigate, for reasons only he can fathom. Even if Lucy could get free, she would still be his.

What follows will test her body, mind and soul. Horrors that no one should ever experience. There are secrets behind the curtain, and Lucy will discover them all.

This deliciously messed up horror novel is now available for FREE on Kindle for the next few days – I highly recommend picking up your own copy!

It’s a nasty combination of psychological, gory and dramatic horror that’s sure to get your blood pumping – not recommended for the faint of heart but perfect for people who enjoy twists, turns and shocks. 

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