Halfway Unwrapped by Terry Maggert (Halfway Witchy #5)


Something stinks in Halfway, and it isn’t a rotting pumpkin.
As Halloween grows closer, monsters begin emerging from the ground. Their beastly purpose is unknown to Carlie, but not to a group of tourists who have come to Halfway for the holiday. The visiting women look innocent, but bad things are happening wherever they go and their trail leads back to the one place that Carlie never wanted to see again.
From the depths of a toxic spring danger will break free again, and this time, there’s more than just the town of Halfway at stake. For Carlie, Gran and Wulfric, the most important event in the history of their lives is just around the corner, but they don’t know it yet, and neither do the strangers who would tear Halfway apart in the name of black magic.
Some things won’t stay buried, but with her charms and a shovel, Carlie will bury the past once and for all.

The Halfway Witchy series is one of my favourite comfort reads, it’s a novel length advert for small town living. Meeting up with all my favourite characters and seeing how they’re getting on in the surprisingly magical mountain town of Halfway is good for my soul!

Carlie is maturing fast as she shoulders more of the McEwan family responsibilities of guarding Halfway, including how to let her family and friends support her. She’s a fantastic main character, though I find her quirks detract a little bit too much from how powerful she is – it always comes as a surprise at the end of the books when she kicks evil’s ass!

I don’t think it’s a spoiler, given then cover, to say that this book has a mummy in it – but I could have done with so much more of it! It’s a tough line to tread, enough action to character interaction, but on this occasion I could definitely have done with more action and backstory for the monsters involved. Not at the expense of a single other word in the book though… as I said, tough line to tread!

I love Maggert’s writing style, every single character has their own funny quirks and the dialogue is always hilarious  – I just want mooooooore.

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