Literary Heroines v. The Undead

The Zombie Apocalypse scenario is always a good one and today I decided to get together my dream time of three fictional heroines to fight and survive the apocalypse together.

I considered a variety of criteria, not least how they’d get on together personality-wise (Katniss Everdeen discarded on the basis of being unsociable as hell and also suffering from PTSD so severe that I can’t even hypothetically inflict the apocalypse on her) and their skill set, which between them has to include being able to survive after the fighting is all done.

Arya Stark (George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones)

She has a track record for successfully fighting and evading the undead, which is a big tick in her favour!

Not overly chatty and can hold a grudge with the best of them, so as long as she’s teamed up with other women unlikely to threaten her family or demand small talk, we should be ok.

I’d rank her survival skills as mediocre – she had a cushy upbringing but has obviously survived in the wilderness for a while, she’s a dab hand with a bow and arrow so she’ll be able to hunt animals but the question is: can she cook?!

Sabriel (from Garth Nix’ Across the Wall series)

I’m talking young adult Sabriel here, rather than married with kids Sabriel.

I feel like she and Arya would get on well, both with privileged upbringings and a penchant for stabbing things though Sabriel is a bit less vindictive and… psychotic which should bring balance.

She also happens to be a necromancer, which is clearly going to be an asset against hordes of the undead! Being YA Sabriel, she hasn’t fully come into her powers yet so it doesn’t render the entire exercise pointless when she just puts every single zombie back over into Death at the same time.

She has some experience with more modern technology so should be able to operate a generator and maybe a microwave if the situation calls for it.

I think her survival skills are on a par with, if not a little behind, Arya’s so my final choice is going to have to fill the role of medic and home maker.

Molly Weasley (J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series)

This one’s the toughest call to make – I think she’d be the perfect fit for the team but I just feel awful that there’s no way she’d end up in this dream team without a tragic backstory separating her from her family.

No zombie specific fighting skills, but Mrs Weasley ain’t no slouch when it comes to self defence so I think she can hold her own in a crisis.

She has experience dealing with injuries, keeping track of young’uns and taking care of them so I think she completes the set. Better yet, both Arya and Sabriel could do with the guidance of an older woman in their lives, especially one who knows when to take a back seat and let them do what they need to do for the greater good. We also knows that when it comes to protecting her kids, this woman won’t stop at anything.

Discarded: Anita Blake – more mature necromancer, notoriously poor at getting on with other women.

Lisbeth Salander – though she’d probably get on well with the other women, I’m not convinced she’d be able to offer much once the power went out as her main skills involve computers.

Lyra Silvertongue – no fighting skills, relies too heavily on supporters

Hermione Granger – that would be a really interesting fit socially, but she doesn’t really fit the dream team dynamic

So, now I’ve dramatically overthought this scenario – I want to know who your all female zombie apocalypse survival squads would be!

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