Review: Canni by Daniel O'Connor

Published by Blood Bound Books


Imagine if everyone in America wanted the same thing.
Your plumber, the mail carrier, the folks next door, the girl at the coffee shop, cops, those who worship in churches, synagogues, and mosques, your favorite band. Your best friend.
They all want the same exact thing. They want to kill you.

Daniel O’Connor’s Canni is a glimpse into at a future that may be closer than we think. A time when no one can be trusted. When everyday citizens can turn into monsters without warning. As America begins to fall following a terror attack, a small band of friends make their final stand in Vegas. And Sin City is about to get a whole lot worse.

Remember… Your parents, your children, your spouse. They want to kill you… And you, them.

I don’t know if it’s just the luck of the draw but I feel like authors are breathing new life into classic concepts at the moment- this book was a classic example of that.

It would be a standard zombie survival book except that the virus causes people to temporarily become flesh eating zombies for 10-15 minute stints, then return to their senses with no memory of ripping off the faces of their loved ones. It means that killing these zombies has more ethical connotations than your standard zombie, that’s a whole world of fun to explore and amps up the tension because you wonder if the character is going to be able to wait it out or if they’re going to have to kill grandma… As the virus isn’t transmitted by bite, it also means that anyone can turn at any time.

The story starts from the perspective of multiple characters and I was surprised by all of the ways they tied in with each other near the end, it was incredibly well done and seamless.
Some of the characters are much more likeable than others, I found myself enjoying most of the secondary characters more than the main couple but there’s plenty to go around!

The author has really thought outside the box with this one, the ending being something that you’ll either love or hate. I’m feeling pretty whimsical at the moment so I really enjoyed it, I’m really curious at to what other people will think about it.

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