February Round Up

This month was actually a lot nicer than January – none of my beloved pets died in February, so it certainly had that going for it.
Otherwise I’ve been plodding along and working on an amazing new work project – no details to share yet but when it’s time, I’ll be excited to share it!

Nailed It! – I’ve watched this before but it’s the perfect feel good TV while you’re busy doing other things. It’s good humoured and silly, all I need in a comfort programme.

You – This one is a little less feel good TV but as of the second series, actually quite funny. Joe Goldberg is a stalker/psychopath who keeps ending up in situations where he ‘has’ to kill people and then rationalise why it’s totally acceptable. I love the books in this series (review for book #3 is coming up at the end of March!) and though the TV show isn’t *quite* as good in my opinion, it’s still pretty damn good.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel – Definitely not feel good. This is an investigative documentary about the disappearance of Elisa Lam while she was a guest at the Cecil Hotel. The whole case has been a viral internet mystery since it happened, the young woman was shown behaving erratically on CCTV and her body was later found in the water tank on the roof of the hotel. The documentary is partly about the viral internet aspect of the case and the rest about telling her story and putting the case to bed.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – this game is award winning and brilliant, with a soundtrack to break your heart. Imagine the entire cast of the Archers (Radio 4 drama set in the countryside) has been involved in a weird rapture-esque situation and you’re following their ghosts around to see snapshots of what happened to them until you get the full story. That.

The only issue, however, is that the graphics don’t automatically come with a fixed point, so it makes you incredibly motionsick. I resolved this issue after faffing around with the graphics but HOLY RICECAKES was I sick.

The Room 3 – played this one with Mike as a Valentine’s date, because I’m romantic and stuff. It’s a puzzle game/digital equivalent of a gothy fidget spinner and I love it. It’s available as an app on Android and Apple, so highly recommended.

With a combined total of ‘many’ hours, I managed to box off four audiobooks this month. I’ve finally found the perfect speed of x1.3-1.5 to listen so I don’t feel like I’m compromising the narration quality but am also getting the story into my head fast enough. I always listen to the first and last chapters at x1.0 but otherwise I could happily go at x2.2 if the guilt didn’t stop me. What speed do you listen at?
Also, if you’re a narrator – are you offended by anyone speeding up your work or are you ok with the idea?

I have some real gems lined up for March, I’m feeling really lucky to be approached by such amazing authors and narrators – my latest batch has been almost tailored to my tastes.

This seems like weirdly few print books but I have to reassure myself that I listened to more audiobooks this month and also have reviews scheduled that I haven’t included yet. Plus, I had to fit in work and productive things in at some point…

February was a pretty good month for me but I’m expecting an even better March! How about you? Anything cool coming up, book related or otherwise?

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