Audiobook: Tale Spins by Michael Mullin, narrated by Paul Giamatti

Published by Gemiknight Press


A trilogy of alternative fairytales and retellings. Discover the real Snow White story through the eyes of Creepy, the unknown 8th dwarf! Meet a teen princess who hires “The Frog Prince” witch to get revenge on a Mean Girl at school! And learn how the giant, boy thief and magic beans tale truly went down!

What an unexpected treat this audiobook was – three fairytale retellings/re-imaginings that are both cheeky and charming, told in rhyming couplets without being too… twee.

I found they cheered me up enormously while I was pottering about the house, though I did notice that I could hear a fair amount of rustling and funky acoustics in the background of the narration, it didn’t really matter because of the nature of the book – the enthusiasm of the narrator and the style made it feel like you were sat in a bookshop during storytime and that is 100% a vibe I can get behind!

This is suitable for tweens up, rather than young children, but it’s highly entertaining and fun to listen to and I imagine it would make a perfect roadtrip audiobook.

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