Non-English Speakers – Pronunciation Help!

As a Welsh speaker, I’m always surprised how often random Welsh words crop up in audiobook and less surprised when the pronunciation is slightly off, especially when the narrator isn’t from the UK.

Imagine you’re reading a book and the village of Rhosllanerchrugog is mentioned. You’re responsible for reading this word out loud, correctly.

You don’t speak the language, so how the f* are you meant to know if the robot who reads it out on YouTube is reading it correctly? I mean, it might be, but how would you know?

The only way to be sure it to ask a fluent speaker, so with that in mind – I’m looking for friendly volunteers who speak languages other than English who wouldn’t mind occasionally sending voice clips with pronunciations. Any and ALL languages are appreciated, because I can guarantee someone somewhere will need your help and there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing your own language pronounced correctly.

If you’re happy to help out and be added to my handydandy list, please get in touch with your name, language and the best email address or social media handle to contact you!

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