Audiobook review: Fire and Sword by Dylan Doose, narrated by Mike Carnes (Sword and Sorcery book 1)


A broken nation in need of a savior.

Ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from within, Brynth is on the eve of its dissolution. When all the good men are dead and gone, who is to answer the call and defy what is wicked for what is right?

A Twisted Tale of Three Unlikely Heroes.

Heretic monk turned Sorcerer, Aldous Weaver. Infamous crusader turned fugitive, Kendrick the Cold. Aristocrat, rogue, monster hunter, and legend in his own mind, Theron Ward.

Three men condemned to die for their crimes find in each other both the will and the means to survive. A dark brotherhood with Sword and Sorcery is forged, and all monsters meek and mighty do fear the three.

This is a gritty fantasy novel with some of the most gloriously gory and visceral horror I’ve ever read.

The main characters are a merry band of misfits from different walks of life; Kendrick the Cold, former child soldier and misunderstood barbarian trying to redeem himself for his past crimes, Theron the hunter, debonair aristocrat and monster hunter who does everything with his own unique flair, Chayse, Theron’s sister and hunter in her own right and Aldous, confused and frightened teenager with more magic than anyone is allowed to have and live.

They find each other in a dungeon and team up to bring down the Emerald witch and her plague of zombie, pustule ridden wererats, among other supernatural beasties.

Though I wouldn’t say the characters are particularly complex, they’re all well written and have their own strengths and weaknesses which makes the story a pleasure to read, and gives more room for the author to describe the action and gore.

I both read the print and listened to the audiobook version of this book, so I can say with confidence that Mike Carnes knocks it out of the park – the battle scenes that were already action packed are elevated to something spectacular and the more emotional scenes almost broke my heart.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, violent fantasy novel to hit all the high notes – this is the series for you!

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