Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri

Published by Allen Lane Synopsis: Straightened. Stigmatised. 'Tamed'. Celebrated. Erased. Managed. Appropriated. Forever misunderstood. Black hair is never 'just hair'. This book is about why black hair matters. Emma Dabiri takes us from pre-colonial Africa, through the Harlem Renaissance, Black Power and on to today's Natural Hair Movement, the Cultural Appropriation Wars and beyond. We … Continue reading Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri

The Deathless by Peter Newman (Deathless #1)

Published by Harper Voyager Synopsis: From one of fantasy’s biggest recent breakthrough authors comes an exciting, brand new series.The demons... In the endless forests of the Wild, humanity scratches a living by the side of the great Godroads, paths of crystal that provide safe passage and hold back the infernal tide. Creatures lurk within the … Continue reading The Deathless by Peter Newman (Deathless #1)

The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

Published by Canongate Books Synopsis: A vivid and gripping historical crime novel set in 19th century Edinburgh, from husband-and-wife writing team Chris Brookmyre and Marisa Haetzman.Edinburgh, 1847. City of Medicine, Money, Murder. Young women are being discovered dead across the Old Town, all having suffered similarly gruesome ends. In the New Town, medical student Will … Continue reading The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry