The Most Sublime Quiz Night!

It’s now family tradition that we have a Sunday afternoon quiz – I love quizzes so I thought that some of you might like to get in on this! Just email me via the contact tab or leave a comment if you’d like me to share the answers with you.

Fun with flags: which flag is correct for each country, A or B?

5 of these titles are real Agatha Christie novels, 5 of them are imposters though have very similar names to actual titles.

Points for correctly identifying which are real and which are fake, bonus points if you can give the correct titles for the fakes!

Match up the number with the correct letter – simple enough until you realise that EVERYTHING HELPS DIGESTION.

Yeah, this one was just an excuse to look at puppy pictures. Each one of these dogs is a border collie crossed with another breed, name the breed! They’re numbered left to right so top left is 1, bottom right is 10.

Some of these are much easier than others… I’m looking at you, Irish stew and Yorkshire pudding.

I hope you enjoy!

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