Review: Lustlocked by Matt Wallace

Lustlocked (Sin du Jour, #2)

5 stars


The staff of New York’s premier supernatural catering company, has their work cut out for them in this outrageous follow-up to Envy of Angels.

Love is in the air at Sin du Jour.

The Goblin King (yes, that one) and his Queen are celebrating the marriage of their son to his human bride. Naturally the celebrations will be legendary.

But when desire and magic mix, the results can be unpredictable.

Our heroes are going to need more than passion for the job to survive the catering event of the decade!




**Thank you to the author and the good people at NetGalley for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**


Look at that cover. LOOK AT IT!!!!

That there is the reason I picked this book out of a line up on Netgalley and I was not steered wrong by my shallow approach to book pickin’.

This book was short, sweet and hilarious. It took an easy and funny approach to folklore and the paranormal, which I instantly took to.

The premise of a supernatural catering company which serves the less human and more magical members of society was an instant hit with me. As a product of the working class, I’m starting to realise that I find it easier to relate to characters who have to hold down a job while they take part in their adventures.

In this book, the staff of Sin du Jour are catering to a goblin royal wedding. The goblins all happen to resemble famous celebrities, which is possibly the most sensible part of the storyline as it all descends into wonderful silliness from there.The point at which you find out that zombies make excellent event planners and that a military history makes you an excellent candidate for working in catering, you just learn to roll with the punches.

Though there isn’t a considerable amount of depth to the characters, they are all likable and you don’t feel the need to question their motives too hard. They work together well and the dialogue is spectacularly funny.
This is the second book in the Sin du Jour series, and though there are some references to the previous book, you can still work your way through it and understand what’s going on.

Matt Wallace’s work is infinitely quotable and he’s definitely an author whose work I will just buy without question now, I enjoyed this book in the way I wished I’d enjoyed Tom Holt’s work.

I would recommend this book for fans of humour, the supernatural and anyone looking for the literary equivalent of a palette cleanser after some heavy reading. I’ll definitely be following the rest of this series!

They’re meat with a trace amount of instinct reverberation, which makes them suited to event planning.” – The ultimate zombie career advice, Lustlocked by Matt Wallace

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