Free on Kindle for this Weekend Only!

ghost light


Fiona Corrigan sometimes has difficulty discerning between the reality of stage and real life, especially when it comes to the attentions of her handsome co-star, the dark, brooding, Patrick Berenger.

Before they can depart for Edinburgh for their next performance, Patrick and Fiona’s acting troupe are mysteriously summoned to a remote village in Scotland, in the dead of winter. Once there, although stranded by a massive storm, Fiona is happy that she will finally have the time alone with Patrick that she needs to seduce him.

Unfortunately, Fiona couldn’t have anticipated Sean’s appearance, (Patrick’s equally handsome, drunken cad of an older brother) or his devastating effect on both her and Patrick. Nor could she have anticipated the true purpose of the strange summons by the eccentric landlord, the dark secrets he would reveal in twisted ways, or the identity of the phantom woman who haunted the stage each time the ghost light went dark.

Set in 1920’s Scotland, Ghost Light is equal parts tingling romance and chilling ghost story.

You’ve probably heard me gush about this book before (if you haven’t, you’ll just have to catch up here) , it was brought to my attention on Twitter as a complete unknown and it just ticked all the right boxes for me.

Atmospheric, gothic, classic yet original and just beautifully written. So it’s my utter delight to tell you that for this weekend only it’s available for FREE on Amazon Kindle!!


This author is one of my favourite up and comers, I’ve loved both of her books so far and there’s a promise of more to come so it’s time to get up to speed! If you do read this, which I’m clearly recommending, please don’t forget to pop up a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

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