Review: You Only Get One Shot by Kevin J. Kennedy and J.C. Michael

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What would you do if someone demanded you write the best story of your life, to be judged online? That your life depended on it.

Four well-known authors receive an email telling them they are responsible for a suicide. Their antagonist makes it clear she is out for revenge and they have no option but to comply. Their task is to post the best story they can imagine online and await judgement. Filled with guilt, anxiety, and even a few murderous tendencies, each writer weaves their tale and hopes for the best. It’ll be the competition of their lives. Who’s story will win? Will anyone survive?


This was an incredibly fun and original book – with four completely distinct short stories set within one larger story.

I imagine that this book is a lot scarier if you’re an author – having the quality of your writing measured directly up against others’, knowing that losing will cost you your life. There are some fun nods towards short story anthology writers (I know Kennedy for one is involved in collecting and producing short story anthologies), and the insecurities that authors feel – I’m just impressed that none of the characters got writer’s block when under pressure!

The four short stories within the novella are horror stories with different themes, I easily forgot I was reading a larger story while I was enjoying them, but the overall story draws them all in and has an ending you’ll have to read to believe!

I only wish that this book was a little bit longer with more details about the characters and their motivations during this sadistic game, that really would have been the icing on the cake for me.

“Thank you to the author for a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review”

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