C*cky Author by Fettucine Holliday, narrated by Meghan

400412395 stars


This totally original book is about a cock…sure man who is caulky, cocked up, and above all else, confident. He lays it into a lady real good, and leaves her satisfied(c).

This is a totally great comedy erotica story that in no way infringes on a certain word, no sirree, not at all.


This is a 15 minute audiobook of pure genius.

I’m sure that anyone reading this has already heard of the utter clusterfuck that is #cockygate, but just in case, you can get up to speed here.

Keen to make sure she keeps to all the rules to avoid a rough, hard litigationing – Fettucine is careful not to c*ck up and uses all manner of synonyms and alternatives to the forbidden word.
While she’s at it, she pokes a little bit of fun at the erotica genre as a whole – what made me laugh out loud was some of the hilarious euphemisms she used for sex and sexy bits. This is what erotica would sound like is women were crude in their language and it had me in fits, the words ‘lady lasagna’ almost made me crash my car.

Meghan Kelley did a great job bringing this story to life, the novella on its own would make me laugh but her performance of it made me laugh until it hurt!

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