Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver

Christabel is a Victorian phantom with a tragic past, attached to a piece of antique mourning jewelry.

Ta-senet-net-hor (her name means ‘Sister of Neith and Horus’) is a three-thousand-year-old Egyptian, attached to a mummy on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Neither of them knows another ghost who’s anything more than an emotional echo, nor do they understand why they linger on when others fade away. They meet up at a restaurant near the museum now and then, to speculate about the nature of their afterlife and pretend to have a few drinks.

Until the day Derren Gray arrives in their midst. The brand-new ghost of an elderly architect provides them with answers they’ve sought for centuries, but the things they learn mean the afterlife won’t ever be the same, not for any of them.

Join the WRAITH LADIES WHO LUNCH as they address eternal questions both large and small with surreal humor, historical depth, and a hint of mystical intrigue.

This book is an absolute gem – I didn’t realise when starting it that it was only 102 pages long, I was only a couple of pages in when I knew that wasn’t going to be long enough!
In such a short amount of time, the author manages to set up all of the rules of ghostly living as well as make the reader form strong attachments with the characters. The writing style is understated and very, very funny.

Two ghosts, an (almost) three thousand year old Egyptian woman and a two hundred year old Victorian woman, meet up a few times a year for a chat and to discuss the nature of the universe until one day they’re joined by another ghost and learn more about why they’re still hanging around while all those who’ve gone before have passed on. I really enjoyed this whirlwind ride through the author’s imagination and can’t wait to read more of his work!

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