Audiobook: The Dragon Cager by Lilian Oake, Narrated by Diana Croft


Since her father’s sudden death, all Evie wants is comfort and security for her family. Especially from dragon cagers. The two-tongued serpents are said to take the shape of a man, woo their ill-fated victims, and then devour them whole. But no one ever told Evie she could be kindred to the creatures.

When Evie is framed and exiled, a cager called Lachlann discovers her roaming in the barren dragon country. Now, while being hunted by the same slayers seeking his magic-imbued heart, Evie must put her trust in Lachlann and seek out his clan for help. Only then will they discover what ancient blood flows through her veins.

This was a brilliant story from start to finish, I only wish there’d been more of it!

I loved Evie as a main character, she was the perfect blend of naïve and cynical – she’s obviously and understandably distressed when her world is turned upside down but she adapts to her situation at a convincing pace.

She’s been raised to believe that dragon cagers are monsters who enslave and eat humans, so it’s no surprise that it takes her a while to trust the dragon shifter who has saved her from her exile. It’s a really satisfying process to read/listen to, a main character essentially overcoming the racist teachings of her childhood and forming her own opinions based on the actions of others.

Lachlann is one of my all time favourite heroes. He’s kind, persistent without being icky and doesn’t take himself too seriously. There were some scenes with him that made me genuinely laugh out loud.

Though this book has romantic elements and very veiled references to sex, this book is 100% clean and suitable for children. Obviously, I was a little bit disappointed by this! The elements that were missing in order to make this book suitable for younger readers are the elements that would have been the icing on the cake for me.
I would have liked Evie to have spent some more time being angry about her situation and then more focus on her near the end.

I listened to the audiobook version of this title, as narrated by Diana Croft, who can honestly do no wrong. She’s the most versatile narrator in terms of accents that I’ve ever listened too – she’s gone from hilarious scouse policewoman to disturbingly charming Scottish dragon. She brings the characters to life and nails the Scottish accent!

If you’re looking for a satisfying and romantic story, with dragons and magic, then this is the book for you.

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