Into the Dark by J.A. Schneider

A perfect marriage deteriorates as a woman starts to fear that her husband is a killer…

Annie and Ben seem to have a perfect marriage. He’s a dedicated psychiatrist; she is a passionate art history professor. Then, for Annie, the nightmares start…and fears that she may or may not be witnessing scenes of women getting abused. Is she somehow connecting her fears to the suicide of Ben’s first wife, Susannah?
Increasingly obsessed with discovering what really happened, Annie finds homicide detective Connor Payne, who has never let go of the case. Tensions at home explode into cat-and-mouse terror, with Annie desperately, secretly, trying to investigate…

This is a standalone novel by JA Schneider, one of my go to thriller writers – she is the master of psychological drama and somehow managed to make this book suspenseful and tense right up to the end, despite the ‘whodunnit’ not being too difficult to work out.

The main character, Annie, is a hard-working and exceptionally empathetic woman who is finally able to take a step back from her hectic life and realise that not everything is adding up. We’re along for the ride while she investigates some of the mysteries in her life, learning things as she does. This is what makes the book so thrilling to read, she’s not frustratingly obtuse so she makes an excellent main character.

This is an intelligently written thriller, which is a word I always use when describing this author’s writing style. This time she’s taken more time to write about the psychology of the characters and the way they interact with each other, which I absolutely loved – there’s no gore and minimal violence in this book, but some of the seemingly mild psychological threats were actually quite disturbing to me, which I appreciated.

If you enjoyed An Anonymous Girl, this book should definitely be on your TBR.

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