Everything is not Terrible

Sooo….. how’s everyone else’s week going?

Every time I look at the news and social media, my brain goes full Munch.

In the spirit of totally ignoring the situation at hand and celebrating that finally, the introverts of the world can be who they were born to be, safely ensconced under a blanket with a Netflix account and using the giant TBR pile that they swear they’ll read now there’s no excuse not to as a coffee table, I’m dedicating my blog to book reviews and The Most Sublime Things – we could do with a bit more sublime right now. The world seems to be bickering over whether or not we’re blowing this all out of proportion or if this is the end of the world but all of that is irrelevant right now, we need to step away from the ‘expert’ opinions online, isolate as appropriate, wash our hands and not fall victim to panic. Seriously, panic is not helping. A world full of panic is a world empty of toilet roll and weirdly, fresh chicken.

My plan is to put something positive out into the world every day – I won’t be making any references to the news unless it’s good news so this is going to be somewhere safe to take your mind off things for a while.

The first Sublime thing in my collection is my cat John. John is weird.

John is shy, retiring, an absolute bastard about 10 minutes before mealtimes and his favourite person in all the world is my best friend’s three year old.

For a cat whose experiences with kids hasn’t been great so far, it makes me giddy to see him follow her around the house to see if he can get in on her adventures.

The rest of the time he likes to wander around and shout at walls, steal phone chargers and watch me pee.

On a random note – he’s a nervous boi so I have a Feliway Classic diffuser on the go in the house at all times or he gets a bit skittish and can’t settle into a routine, I totally recommend the plug ins for anyone with a nervous cat.

I’m not in isolation yet but it’s an inevitability at this point so I’m using these precious days to make sure my house is spotless and ready for me to dig in and build myself a fort made out of unread books!

I grew up on an isolated farm with no internet connection or live in siblings or friends nearby – I am very well prepared for combating the boredom that lies ahead and enjoying all of the small things. What tricks have you got up your sleeves?

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