Everything is Still Not Terrible

You may see an upcoming theme with these posts that animals are my way of seeing the good in the world but honestly – is there anything that brings a brighter smile to the heart than watching teeny tiny penguins hop down a flight of stairs? LISTEN TO THE FLAPPY NOISES.

If you feel yourself needing a hit of live action penguiny goodness – you’re in luck. THERE ARE LIVE STREAMS.

Seriously? I don’t know how I’ve lived my life up to this point without knowing how many cameras are out there that the general public can access.

A very kind person on Twitter pointed me in the direction of Earthcam.com – it keeps the cabin fever at bay seeing that there’s still life happily ticking along.

I’ve got links to some of my favourite cams here:

There’s so much more out there as well, lots of museums offer virtual tours and I believe there are more things being temporarily offered so it’s an interesting time! I’ve always believed that necessity is the mother of invention and right now, we need NOT to be bored.

I have a particular interest in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum – it looks really kid friendly and generally more exciting than some of the others. I’m not ashamed to say that ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘exciting’ are what appeals to me right now!

Any cool things like this that you’ve come across and think people would benefit from knowing about?

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