Audiobook: Her Shifter King by Bailey Dark, Narrated by Sommer Hines (Moon Cursed book #1)


A past she can’t remember.
A secret he must keep hidden.
A passion they never saw coming.

Ten years ago.

That was the last time I knew peace. family. Sanity.

But after they came for me—everything changed.

Now, I live my life as an outcast, hiding among the shadows of each new city. Every move I make is a risk, and I’m fully aware that I’m only one wrong turn away from certain death. When I find myself trapped between an enormous wolf and the monstrous shaded creatures that have been hunting me for the last decade, it seems my time is up.

Except it isn’t.

My beastly savior shifts into a not-so-mortal man. He claims to be King Alpha of the Blueblood pack in Detroit and he has a deal for me; Marry him and become his mate, and he’ll offer me more freedom and protection than I could ever have on my own. Sounds too good to be true, which usually means it is, but I’m in no position to refuse this overbearing, dominant, ridiculously handsome warrior.

So I make a choice.

On the surface I’ll play his game and be his wife. But behind the scenes, I’ll use his resources to find out the truth behind who I am—and what he really wants from me—before he can get it.

This was a really enjoyable and easy read/listen – 5 hours long but it feels much shorter thanks to the wonderful talent of Sommer Hines, the narrator.

The chapters alternate POV between Annalise, the FMC, and Elosel, the grumpy shifter who has vowed to marry her to save her from the shadow creatures that have been hunting her for years. I had to sift through so many Goodreads reviews to find the spelling of Elosel as it’s not written in the synopsis, so never say I don’t do my due diligence!

The narrator does a great job distinguishing between the main characters and making the hero sound suitably masculine and grumpy. I found the pacing a little fast in the beginning but I got into the swing of it quite quickly.

I’m not entirely convinced by Elosel’s reasoning for marrying Annalise, but what the hey – I don’t mind overlooking some flawed logic if the action is good enough and it was certainly was! Anna is a strong main character who is intelligent, resourceful and handy in a fight. She throws herself into her new role as princess of the shifter and proves herself worthy of the title.

A lot of the issues that the main characters struggle with could be resolved easily if they actually sat down and had an honest conversation with one another every once in a while, which was borderline silly by the end but I still enjoyed this book enormously.

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