Submitting to the Virus: A Coronavirus Reverse Harem by RK Vaxx


She can’t stop thinking about the coronavirus.

Kelsey’s only worked in this lab for six weeks, but it’s long enough to foster her fascination with the deadly virus. She spends every possible minute staring at the small, green vials, daydreaming of the possibilities.

When she finally caves to her desire to touch the virus, all hell breaks loose. Four sexy green men emerge from the mayhem and they only want one thing.


Will Kelsey share a night of passion in the arms of the virus she’s obsessed with? Or will she run from the dark desires they’ve awakened inside her?

This is a humorously erotic reverse harem short story intended for readers 18+

25% of all proceeds go to coronavirus relief.

Well. That was weird.

A cleaner in a government lab find herself irresistibly drawn to vials of coronavirus. When she brings them out of the fridge to have a sniff (yep. That’s what happened.) she accidentally drops the vials, which are then replaced by four naked green hunks who are obviously the four strains of coronavirus.

Then… erm… they have hardcore, somewhat kinky and unsettlingly well written sex. I’m not a fan of the dirty talk in this book, given the excessive use of the word ‘slut’ but I have to doff my cap to the sheer creativity and balls involved in writing an erotic novella about an inanimate virus.

25% of the profits of this book go to covid relief and it’s so short… if you’re not afraid of some steam, weirdness and silly, I’d actually recommend this read!

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